Want to Improve Your Kid's Coordination?

Sign them up for our ninja tyme class

You've noticed that your kid is a little clumsy. If you'd like to boost your kid's coordination, reach out to Victoria Karate Academy. We offer a ninja tyme class so that they can work on body control.

Our ninja yime class is a mix between martial arts, obstacle course training and parkour. Your kids will improve their abilities while having a great time. Call 361-676-0275 to learn more about our ninja tyme classes today.

Take a look at how our class can help your kid develop

We're confident that your kids will have fun and enhance their skills in our class. Our ninja tyme class will improve their:

Balance and coordination
Reflexes and problem-solving skills
Core and leg strength

We accept new students that are at least 4 years old. Contact us now for more information about our ninja tyme classes.